Due Date  Amount Scholarship Details  (4-1-2020)
A Message to the Senior Class of 2020:
Some of the following scholarship opportunities ask for the document to be returned to the Student Services Department. Please email all such scholarships to: and Mrs. Young will ensure that they will be submitted to the applicable scholarship program. Please include your name, scholarship you are applying for, and contact information. 

As always, feel free to contact Mrs. Young  by email with questions on any scholarships!
$500                                           Heart of the North Builders Association

Heart of the North Builders Association would like to invite graduating seniors to apply for a $500 scholarship to further their education in the construction industry. 

                                 For more information and an application click here
 4/1/2020 $1500                                                             Citizens Connected

Applicants who have a parent or guardian who are a member of Citizens Connected telephone service have an opportunity to receive multiple scholarships. 

                              For more information and an application click here
 4/1/2020 $750                                      Barron County Commission on Agriculture

The Barron County Commission on Agriculture is offering this scholarship to students planning on pursing post high school education, with preference, studying in agriculture/natural resources related major or programs. Applicants whose families are engaged in agricultural businesses may also be given preference in the selection process. 

                       For more information and an application please click here
4/1/2020  TBD                                                        Duggy Nelson Memorial

Duggy Nelson was a police lieutenant and a volunteer firefighter in Chetek for over 30 years. This scholarship was set up to support students looking to enroll in a college or vocational/technical school in a course of study leading to a two or four-year degree in police science, criminal justice, or law enforcement-related (does not include law school), EMT, or paramedic field. 

                                        For more information please click here
                                               For an application please click here
4/1/2020  $250                                                     Barron County Farm Bureau

Barron County Farm Bureau will be awarding three scholarships to students from Farm Bureau families based on past school and community activities for futures education. 

                                                   Click here for an application
 4/4/2020 up to $5000  

Officer Michael R. Baribeau Memorial Scholarship

Any student graduating from a Rusk or Barron County High School, currently enrolled at WITC, or UWEC-Barron County that is looking to enroll in a Police Science or Criminal Justice Program at a vocational/technical school or college. 

Click Here to access the scholarship application

 4/6/2020 Varies                                                          WITC Scholarships

For students interested in attending WITC, WITC offers various scholarship opportunities.

                           For more information and to apply online, click here
 4/8/2020 $750                                        Rice Lake Area Scholarship Foundation

The Rice Lake Area Scholarship Foundation is proud to offer a scholarship based on initiative, leadership potential, school and community activities, personal goals and needs. 

Scholarship must be created using WORD. 
*Open this application and complete it using MICROSOFT WORD
       If using a Chromebook (or other device that does not have MS Word
       installed on it), log into the school district VIEW ENVIRONMENT to
      download the application and work on it. (MS WORD is installed in the
      View Environment)
* Print the completed application, provide the two (2) required hand written
       signatures and submit to the RLHS Student Services Office. Please DO
       NOT include any additional attachments to this application. 

                            For more information and an application click here
4/10/2020  $1000                                                        Barron Electric Scholarship

For students who have parents or guardians that are members of the Barron Electric Cooperative. Scholarships are awarded to those in the 6-25% of their class who show leadership, service, cooperation, and progressive spirit as a student within the community. 

                             Click here for more information about the scholarship

                                              Click here to apply for this scholarship
 4/15/2020 $1000                                         Graybar Construction Trades Scholarship

For students with a GPA of 2.5 and planning on enrolling in a technical, non-profit community college, trade school, vocational school, or apprenticeship program to complete an associates degree in the construction trades is encouraged to apply. 

                                        Apply online at
4/15/2020  $2500                                                                      Horatio Alger

Applicants are eligible to apply for the Horatio Alger National Career and Technical Scholarship Program if they are looking to enroll in a two year or less career or technical degree/certificate program in the fall that will lead to employment. 

                               For more information and an application click here
 4/15/2020 $300                                                                  Barron Spotlighters

The Barron Spotlighters are happy to present the Maxine Wiesner Scholarship that they have made available to a Senior that has been involved in the theatre activities during high school or their grade school years. 

                               For more information and an application, click here
4/17/2020  $2500        Boy Scouts of America- Chippewa Valley Council: Emmans Memorial                                                                           Scholarship

Any male registered member of the Boy Scouts of America for at least three years while in grades 9-12, or female that has or have been member of a venture crew is encouraged to apply for this one-time grant, that is non-renewable. 

                              For more information and an application click here
4/20/2020  TBD

WITC Promise Scholarship

Applications can be found in Student Services or online.  Must be a 2020 high school, GED, or home schooled graduate and a Wisconsin resident.
Achieve minimum 2.0 GPA for senior year in high school.
Enroll in at least 12 credits per term.

All application materials must be submitted online. Visit Scholarship Program at:

4/20/2020  $1000-2500                                       Carrie Crystal Stuckert Memorial Scholarship

The Dream Pool Foundation created the Carrie Crystal Stuckert Memorial Scholarship to provide assistance to an individual looking to pursuing an education in the visual arts. Applicants have up to six different scholarship opportunities for up to $2500. Students must be enrolled as an art major in an accredited institution for higher education to qualify. 

                                               For information and to apply click here
4/24/2020  $1000                                                                       Sterling Bank

Sterling Bank is proud to support young individuals in our community who wish to continue their education. Students who demonstrate leadership, exercise good judgement, work ethic, positive character, participate in scholastic and/or athletic endeavors, volunteer or engage in a positive activity in the community are eligible. 

                                For more information and an application, click here
4/24/2020  $500                                 Barron County Master Gardener Volunteers

Students interested in a horticulture program - landscape design, turf management or general program with a 3.0 GPA that was active in school and community activities. 

                           For more information and an application, click here
 4/25/2020  $500                                                        Jerry Marshall Agriculture

Seniors interested in majoring in Agriculture related fields or Veterinarian sciences are encouraged to apply for the Jerry Marshall Scholarship to help further their education. 

                          For more information and an application, click here
 4/30/2020  $250                                                               Optimum Therapies

Optimum Therapies is offering a scholarship to students seeking to further their education in service-oriented career fields. Students are not limited to health care professions or those interested in physical therapy. 

                                               For an application please click here
 5/1/2020 $1000                                                                  Republic Services

Republic Services is offering a scholarship to a senior planning to further their education at a University or Technical college in an environmental field. Parent(s)/guardian must be a Republic Service customer.

                                                For an application please click here
 5/1/2020 $500                                                                  Kiwanis Golden K

Kiwanis Golden K is offering this scholarship to Seniors that have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and possess dedication and determination to achieve their goals. 

                               For more information and an application, click here
 5/1/2020 $1000                                                                        Fortnightly

Any Senior girl who is interested in furthering her education who feels the need of financial assistance is encouraged to apply for this opportunity sponsored by Fortnightly. Applicants need not by a Fortnightly girl. 

                                For more information and an application, click here
5/2/2020 $500                                                                          Synergy

Students that are interested in entering the agriculture, food industry, natural resources, technical fields, animal science, or accounting after high school are encourage to apply for this scholarship. 

                               For more information and an application, click here

 5/2/2020 $250  Rice Lake Area Automotive Sponsored by Chippewa Valley Model A Car Club

The Chippewa Valley Model A Car Club is looking to promote a scholar interested in the automotive industry through a scholarship and/or financial support to a technical college to pursue an education in auto/diesel tech, small engine, auto body, or other automotive related programs. 

                               For more information and an application, click here
5/2/2020  up to $1000                                                                Larson Scholarship

Paul M and Virginia M Larson Scholarship is available to give opportunities to students to attend college that may not have the means, or the scholastic excellence to get adequate financial support otherwise. Students must have a GPA of no less than 2.67 with a sufficient ACT or SAT to qualify for college. This is a renewable scholarship as long as the student remains on a path to a four year degree. 

                              For more information and an application, click here
 5/2/2020  TBD                                                 Rice Lake Hall of Fame Athlete

The Rice Lake Sports Hall of Fame Foundation is a non-profit organization  that was established to recognize the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of individuals in their athletic endeavors. Interested applicants must have earned a Varsity Letter in at least two sports and have a clean Athletic Code record. 

           More information can be found on the RL Hall of Fame website at                                                                              

                                                     For an application click here
5/4/2020  $2500                                                                       Mary Hilfiker

Seniors graduating from Rice Lake High School that are planning on majoring in nursing, STEM majors, or education with a GPA of 2.75 and a minimum of a 25 composite on the ACT for a renewable scholarship to attend UW-Eau Claire. 

                              For more information and an application, click here
 5/29/2020 $1000                                                        Wisconsin Towns Association

Rural Mutual Insurance Company, Wisconsin Towns Association, and Scott Construction, Inc. are offering two scholarships, one to the highest ranking boy and the other to the highest ranking girl from a town or village insured by Rural Mutual Insurance Company. Five additional scholarships will be awarded to the top five additional students. 

                                   For more information and an application click here

Current Scholarship Recipient's

Congratulations on being awarded a scholarship to further your education!

CLICK HERE to submit a request for your scholarship to be disbursed to your desired college. If the scholarship you were awarded is not listed on the following form, please contact the organization/foundation for information on how to receive payment. 

*A copy of your class schedule is required in order to completed the form*