Due Date  Amount Scholarship Details  (Updated 1-15-2020)
 01/31/2020 Varies                                                Rice Lake Utilities "Powering Futures"

Applicants interested in a career as a utilities technician, field services technician, or within the electrical  industry are encouraged to apply. 

                 Information about this scholarship can be found by clicking here
 1/31/2020 $4,000

                  University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Trytten Scholarship

Applicants must declare their major to be chemistry as your major and attending the UWSP at the time of application. Applicants must have received at least a 3.50 GPA in high school.

Please use the following link to access the scholarship available:

02/01/2020  $500                                              Elks U.S Constitution Scholarship

Please see the attached information for this great opportunity.

​                UserFiles/Servers/Server_783703/File/Elks Constitution.pdf
02/14/2020  $1000                                                WESTconsin Credit Union Scholarship

WESTconsin Credit Union is offering $1000 Scholarships to graduating high school seniors from the class of 2020. The goal is to award one scholarship in each community served by a WESTconsin office.

All application materials must be submitted online. Visit Scholarship Program at:

 02/25/2020 $1000 

National Farmers Organization

Steve Pavich and Frank Pries Memorial Scholarship along with National Farmers Farm Kids for College Scholarships programs are offering scholarships honoring the important leaders in National Farmers Organization history. To be eligible for the scholarship you must: Be a high school senior in the U.S. and Major in an agricultural field at an accredited college or university. 

Click Here to access the scholarship application

 2/28/2020 $2250                                   Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarship

Applicants who have demonstrated the highest level of proficiency in technical education subjects. A scholarship is available for up to $2,250 per year to be applied towards tuition for six semesters. 

                             For more information and an application click here
 3/6/2020 $1500-
                                           Foundation for Rural Services (FRS) 

Students who wish to live in a rural community upon graduation with a 'C' grade point average that are sponsored by a NTCA- Rural Broadband Member qualify for up to $5000 in scholarships. 

    To set up your NTCA account and complete your application click here
 3/6/2020 $250                                          Barron County Sheriff's Association

Any Barron County High School senior seeking a post-secondary education in any area of study are encouraged to apply for two separate scholarships. Two questions with a 300-character response limit are required along with the application. 

                                                              To apply click here
 4/1/2020 $1500                                                             Citizens Connected

Applicants who have a parent or guardian who are a member of Citizens Connected telephone service have an opportunity to receive multiple scholarships. 

                              For more information and an application click here
4/1/2020  $250                                                     Barron County Farm Bureau

Barron County Farm Bureau will be awarding three scholarships to students from Farm Bureau families based on past school and community activities for futures education. 

                                                   Click here for an application
 4/4/2020 up to $5000  

Officer Michael R. Baribeau Memorial Scholarship

Any student graduating from a Rusk or Barron County High School, currently enrolled at WITC, or UWEC-Barron County that is looking to enroll in a Police Science or Criminal Justice Program at a vocational/technical school or college. 

Click Here to access the scholarship application

4/10/2020  $1000                                                        Barron Electric Scholarship

For students who have parents or guardians that are members of the Barron Electric Cooperative. Scholarships are awarded to those in the 6-25% of their class who show leadership, service, cooperation, and progressive spirit as a student within the community. 

                             Click here for more information about the scholarship

                                              Click here to apply for this scholarship
4/20/2020  TBD

WITC Promise Scholarship

Applications can be found in Student Services or online.  Must be a 2020 high school, GED, or home schooled graduate and a Wisconsin resident.
Achieve minimum 2.0 GPA for senior year in high school.
Enroll in at least 12 credits per term.

All application materials must be submitted online. Visit Scholarship Program at:

Current Scholarship Recipient's

Congratulations on being awarded a scholarship to further your education!

CLICK HERE to submit a request for your scholarship to be disbursed to your desired college. If the scholarship you were awarded is not listed on the following form, please contact the organization/foundation for information on how to receive payment. 

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