Last Updated  (9-21-2023)
A Message to the Senior Class of 2024:
Some of the following scholarship opportunities ask for the document to be returned to the Student Services Department.  In order to submit you have the following options:                             - email all documents to [email protected]
- bring hard copies of documents to Student Services
with either option, Mrs. Drost will ensure that they will be submitted to the applicable scholarship program. Please include your name, scholarship you are applying for, and contact information. 

As always, feel free to contact Mrs. Drost by email with questions on any scholarships!

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Due Date  Scholarship Name Amount Scholarship Details
 *11/7/2023 Herb Kohl Educational Foundation-
Student Excellence Scholarship 
$10,000   This scholarship aims to recognize student leadership, citizenship, school and community involvement. Applicants must be graduating seniors who intend to enroll in a post secondary institution, which may be  a public or private two-year or 4-year college or university. An application and three letters of recommendation are required for this competitive scholarship.

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Current Scholarship Recipient's

Congratulations on being awarded a scholarship to further your education!

CLICK HERE to submit a request for your scholarship to be disbursed to your desired college. If the scholarship you were awarded is not listed on the following form, please contact the organization/foundation for information on how to receive payment. 

*A copy of your class schedule is required in order to complete the form*