Academic and Career Planning (ACP)

Academic Career Plan (ACP) 

The ACP is a process where students cultivate their own informed decisions for post-secondary success. Students utilize their ACP to improve their understanding of the post-secondary options, better connect their goals to educational coursework and career goal activities, and engage in long term planning for life after high school graduation.

In high school, students begin working on their ACP in Freshman Success. Over four years, they select work for their ACP, reflecting on the work, reviewing, and adding to the ACP. During senior year, all students are required to take Economics, where they finalize their ACP with a reflection paper.

Purpose of the ACP

The ACP is a collection of material that reflects students’ academic progress, personal development, and future aspirations and dreams.

These materials can be used for entrance into the larger world beyond high school:

  • job applications and interviews
  • applications for school and scholarships
  • personal reflection and decision-making
  • developing organizational skills
  • methods for marketing oneself
  • communicating effectively
  • highlighting individual interests